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Interpreting a dxa scan in clinical practice intechopen. In a dexa scan, a person lies on a table while a technician aims a scanner mounted on a long arm. Dual energy x ray absorptiometry imaging an imaging system to assess bone mineral density. Who to refer for dxa, how to interpret a bone densitometry report, and how to apply the results. The test can identify osteoporosis, determine your risk for fractures broken bones, and measure your response to osteoporosis treatment. A radiologist, a physician specifically trained to supervise and interpret. Dexa accurate testing and interpretation osteoporosis.

The frax results are shown on the dxa printout just below the bmd results. For postmenopausal women younger than age 65 a bone density test is indicated if they have a risk factor for low bone. Dexa is fdaapproved and quantifies your lean, fat, and bone mass to identify osteoporosis, and visceral fat which correlates to your. This scan uses two xray beams to scan the body in a noninvasive way, and thus the exposure to radiation is low. Should you have landed here as a result of a search. Interpretation and pitfalls dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa is the method of choice to measure bone mineral density in elderly patients and others at risk. However, when dxa studies are performed incorrectly, it can lead to major mistakes in diagnosis and therapy. Dxa scan and the bone density test in simple terms.

An imaging test that measures bone density the amount of bone mineral contained in a certain volume of bone by passing xrays with two different energy levels through the bone. Its the most widely used method to measure bone density how solid your bones are and to see if your bones are thinning. The column marked t score shows how your bone mineral density compares with women in their thirties, the peak bone density years. Dxa is todays established standard for measuring bone mineral density bmd an xray radiograph is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical. Dont use dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dexa screening for osteoporosis in women under age 65 or men under 70 with no risk factors. Dualenergy xray absorptiometry dxa is the principal xray technology used. A bone mineral density bmd test is can provide a snapshot of your bone health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at. These are the adult official positions of the iscd as updated in 2019. Its a simple and quick noninvasive procedure that provides a quantitative measure of your body composition. Bone density scans are often used to diagnose or assess your risk of osteoporosis, a health condition that weakens bones and makes them more likely to break as well as being quick and painless, a bone density scan is more effective than normal xrays in identifying. The official positions that are new or revised since 2015 are in bold type. All of these publications can be downloaded cost free from the iaea web site.

A casebased manual for understanding and interpreting bone. This manual is ed 2004 by the university of california. Dxa allows accurate diagnosis of osteoporosis, estimation of fracture risk and monitoring of patients undergoing treatment. Dexa is not cost effective in younger, lowrisk patients.

A guide to dual energy x ray absorptiometry dxa scanning of the axial skeleton by dual energy x ray absorptiometry dxa is the gold standard in australia for the measurement of bone mineral density bmd. Includes a physicians interpretation of the results. When soft tissue absorption is subtracted out, the bone mineral density bmd can be determined from the absorption of each beam by bone. A dexa scan dxa is the most reliable way to measure body fat, bone, and lean muscle throughout your body. Simple to do and significantly more precise than other methods including bmi, inbody, bodpod, and hydrostatic weighing. Bone mineral measurements lippincott cmeconnection wolters. The most commonly used bmd test is called a central dualenergy x ray absorptiometry, or central dxa test. Bone densitometry dexa, dxa bone densitometry, also called dualenergy x ray absorptiometry, dexa or dxa, uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body usually the lower or lumbar spine and hips to measure bone loss. Is performed with a dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa,dexa system axial skeleton for monitoring tests or confirmatory testing if the initial scan was not dxa. Dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa, previously dexa is a means of measuring bone mineral density bmd using spectral imaging. Studies of the radiation dose to patients from dxa scan have confirmed. The dxa scan is a safe method used to measure bone density how solid your bones are. Dxa synonyms, dxa pronunciation, dxa translation, english dictionary definition of dxa.

A dxa scan measures your bone mineral density bmd and body mass index bmi. During a dxa exam, the patient lies fully clothed on a padded table while the system scans one or more areas of bone usually the lower spine or. This allows you to optimize your program to suit your bodys needs. New and novel approaches to the interpretation of dxa body composition keep dxa at the forefront of applications ranging from infants to the morbidly obese, and athletes to the elderly. Dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa 1 is a clinically proven, accurate, and reproducible method of measuring bone mineral density bmd in the lumbar spine, proximal femur, forearm, and whole body 27.

The course will cover the technology, clinical applications, interpretation of results, clinical procedures, handling of problem cases, safety, quality assurance and the establishment and operation of a bone densitometry service. Dxa scan bone density genlife regenerative medicine. Dualenergy absorptiometry dexa is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs. This book is not a manual for operating the equipment or understanding. Bone density scanning, also called dualenergy xray absorptiometry dxa or bone. A casebased manual for understanding and interpreting bone densitometry. It is used primarily in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis and other disease states characterized by. According to cnn, this scan is one of the most accurate. The dxa scan is quick, taking approximately ten to twenty minutes to complete, with the two beams running through your body and measuring your bone density and body composition.

Your dexa scan test results how to interpret the scores. Dxa measurements can also be used to provide information on early gender and ethnic changes in the rate of bone accretion and to determine the. The cadaver study providing the most comprehensive and relevant data for the clinical interpretation of spine and hip dxa scans is a study published by svendsen et al. Pdf interpreting a dxa scan in clinical practice researchgate. Definition of dexa scan nci dictionary of cancer terms. Scanning of the axial skeleton by dual energy xray absorptiometry dxa is the gold. The preceding chapters of this text are primarily dedicated to the optimal acquisition and interpretation of dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa scans in children in clinical practice. Procedural steps in dxa scanning can be broken down into scan acquisition, scan analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

Most bone scans use a technology called dexa for dual energy x ray absorptiometry. A dxa primer for the practicing clinician a casebased manual for. Dxa scan results for the results of your scan, youll get a tscore. Bone densitometry in children assessed by dual x ray. A bone density scan uses low dose xrays to see how dense or strong your bones are. Thus, the who diagnostic criteria for osteoporosis define osteoporosis in term s of a tscore below i 2. It is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis, to assess an. It is used to diagnose osteoporosis decrease in bone mass and density. Interpreting a dxa scan in clinical practice 5 worldwide.

It is painless, and requires no injections, invasive procedures, sedation, special diet or any other advance preparation. Fatfree mass and fat mass referente values by dual. National tollfree number for patients 1800 242 141. The dxa file is composed of zlib a software library used for data compression compressed video frames, with wav format for audio. Overview of dual energy x ray absorptiometry dxa will be used to assess overall skeletal changes that often occur with age by measuring bone mineral content bmc and bone mineral density bmd. This is a pdf file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. Dxa is a diagnostic tool for osteoporosis or osteopenia, enabling doctors to determine the extent of bone loss for clinical decision making. How important are bmd accuracy errors for the clinical. Dual energy xray absorptiometry dxa procedures manual. A practical approach to interpretation of dualenergy x. Dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa is the gold standard for measuring bone mineral density bmd, making the diagnosis of osteoporosis, monitoring bmd, and is used in the calculation of fracture risk. Knowledge and understanding of the process of dxa data and image acquisition.

Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmasters page for free fun content. This manual focuses on dxa scan acquisition and analysis. Bone density scanning, also called dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa or bone densitometry, is an enhanced form of xray technology that is used to measure bone loss. It shows how much higher or lower your bone density is than that of a healthy 30yearold, the age when bones are at their. Dexa scan definition of dexa scan by medical dictionary. Is performed with a dualenergy x ray absorptiometry dxa, dexa system axial skeleton for monitoring tests or confirmatory testing if the initial scan was not dxa. Understand specific consideration for interpreting dxa in children. Bone density testing in general practice osteoporosis australia. Two xray beams, with different energy levels, are aimed at the patients bones.

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